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Fashion Design For Women’s Wear

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Fashion Design For Women’s Wear

The women’s Fashion Design institute provides is a 1-year diploma that gives an in-depth understanding of the world of fashion, sustainability, various aspects of creativity, evolving trends, and fashion sensitivity. Students learn to make styling decisions, right from clothes to accessories. For creative individuals who enjoy mixing and matching different colours, textures, and materials, fashion design is the perfect career choice.

Aspirants can specialise in ready-to-wear clothing or haute couture, depending on their interests and passions. The size of the products and who can wear them are also key factors in fashion design.

What you will learn
  • The course is a blend of theoretical and practical elements
  • You will discover the use of applied graphics and aesthetic principles to turn an idea into a visually appealing final product
  • Focus on designing garments, shoes, accessories, and other items
  • You will research and develop skills in sewing, drawing, fashion history, and the textile business, going on to design high-end fashion items
  • As a form of art, fashion design will help you hone your practicality, creativity, and ability to think in three dimensions and translate inspiring ideas into reality

Course Duration :1 year

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