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M.Sc. Interior Design

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M.Sc. Interior Design

A two-year postgraduate programme named the MSc in Interior Design focuses on the specialisation of concepts in interior design. This course focuses on investigating user preferences and designing spaces that reflect current fashions and lifestyles. After earning their MSc in Design, a student works to transform spaces such as homes, offices, or any other into ones that are viable for commercial value, multiple uses, ephemerality, exhibitions, etc.

What you will learn
  • The MSc Interior Design course curriculum is structured to offer insight into the research methodology for developing, testing, and materialising a place for beautification or to make the surroundings of a space more practical
  • The MSc in Interior Design is a creative programme that focuses on creating and interpreting indoor environments, whether they are residential or commercial spaces. From research to appropriate design recommendations, it covers all elements

Course Duration :2 years

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