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MFD (Masters in Fashion Design)

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MFD (Masters in Fashion Design)

You can learn to choose outfits and accessories by pursuing a master’s degree in fashion design. For creative individuals who enjoy mixing and experimenting with various colours, textures, and materials, fashion design is great. You can devote yourself to ready-to-wear or haute couture, depending on what aspect of fashion you wish to concentrate on. In either case, you must design items that are both wearable and aesthetically beautiful.

What you will learn
  • In order to transform an idea into a visually appealing product, you will learn how to integrate artistic principles with practical graphics. You can specialise in many different areas, including fashion design for clothing, shoes, accessories, and other items.
  • Courses will combine different elements of theory and practise in the pursuit of the ideal aesthetic. You will research and develop your skills in sewing, drawing, fashion history, and the textile business.

Course Duration :2 years

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