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Women’s Apparel Manufacturing

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Women’s Apparel Manufacturing

Women’s apparel manufacturing is a 6-month diploma programme for students who wish to pursue career as apparel designers. A diploma in apparel manufacturing trains students to generate, develop, and realise a wide variety of creative women’s wear ideas to a professional standard. This programme offers innovative insight into pattern making, garment construction techniques, and producing an entire collection. It also helps students learn and study design.

What you will learn
  • Adapt and develop artistic abilities to form original fashion designs with an understanding of diverse fashion proportions, utilising both hand and digital rendering techniques
  • To create garments that reflect creativity and innovation through the use of foundational techniques achieved through shape, colour, silhouette, proportion, and fabrication
  • Effectively use appropriate, innovative technologies to conceptualize, create, produce, and communicate fashion design and related concepts

Course Duration : 6 months

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