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Five Ways To Make Your Home Summer Ready

Five Ways To Make Your Home Summer Ready

How’s your house this summer? Thinking of replacing the old fans and ACs? What about your furniture and house décor? With the summer heat already starting to kick in, it is about time to give your house a makeover. Just like in fashion, a new trend drops in as well in interior styling every season.
Everyone takes artistic liberties with their home to make it a comfortable abode to live in. So bring an interior stylist on board or go through an interior styling course and get ready to change the look of your house with the following steps:

Play with Colours
Colours are the most definitive trait that we are instantly attracted to when we look into someone’s house. It is because a colour is representative of the type of person you are. So light up the colour palette of your house with bright colours and bold patterns. Even neutral colours like white, cream and light brown would do an amazing job and give a fresh feel to your house.

Make Way for Some Light
Living in big cities and tight apartments but still wanting to have a renewed feeling? Just pull back the curtains, move over or change the dark furniture and let the light come in. Bright colours and the light coming in give a sense of an open space and make an apartment feel bigger than it already is.

Let the Room Breathe
With the summer heat striking at its peak, what’s your best defence? Just move some furniture up, open the windows, create some room and let the air come in. Don’t know how? Just hire an interior stylist at your convenience or get a certificate in interior design and learn how to do it effectively. While doing so yourself, you can play along as per your style and make it more personal.

Move the Furniture
There cannot be a more perfect summer than when you get to hang out with your friends. Move your furniture or trade it and invest in low tables, some carpets and colourful floor cushions to create the perfect area that the guests would never want to leave. Doing this not only clears up the space for you to play around in but also gives a sense of openness and an airy feeling.

Add a Little Green
The colour green is dominant in nature and symbolises growth, refreshment and peace. Maintaining a garden with a variety of flowers will add a touch of beauty, refreshment and colour to your home. You can put the blossoming flowers in a cream-coloured or glass vase or hang them to the wall to give your home a perfect look.

Summer decor doesn’t need to be complex and expensive; it just needs to be something that you like and are comfortable in. With the right interior design and styling course, you can learn hands-on about the latest growing trends and integrate your patterns to form a new style. Get ready to kick off summer and share your style with the world this summer.

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